Rotary Service Activities During a Time of COVID-19
April 2020
What can Rotarians do to help in this time of crisis?
Ideas gathered by the District 5495 Governor Line
    This is our time! Rotarians rise to challenges. Consider what we have done in polio eradication! No one — not even the World Health Organization — thought back in 1985 that we could accomplish what we have. Now we are faced with a new challenge — helping beat back a novel coronavirus that is keeping us from working like we are used to, shoulder to shoulder in fellowship, friendship and with Rotary’s trademark determination.
    We have been on the phone and videoconferences with Rotarians from in and out of our District, learning about service opportunities from Districts across the country. You will find a list of THE best ideas that we have encountered for how we can serve others in these difficult times.
    Please consider these and any other ideas that demonstrate what Rotarians are —
    • Rotary’s Volunteer Surge Program to Support our Health Care System: Spread the word about Rotary’s new Volunteer Surge Program. Rotary has partnered with Amazon, Salesforce, ADP, the Yale University School of Health and GoFundMe in a program designed to support our health care system. Volunteer Surge is a free, online training program that teaches you to help professional healthcare workers from your home or in the field. The free, online training program is for any adult age 18+ and requires no special skills. The training is adapted from Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) online courseware. It includes educational videos, self quizzes, and checkpoints. Rotarians and friends, family, and coworkers have a unique opportunity to recruit one million volunteers to reduce suffering and save lives during this crisis by participating in Volunteer Surge. Once trained, you can choose to apply your new skills by providing phone or online support from your home or by assisting healthcare workers in the field. The software will then assign you to individuals in need of check-ins, followups, and other minor health issues. Please use these networks to seed interest in Volunteer Surge by directing them to this website: