May 22, 2017 - Lyndsey Fry spoke of her trip to the Olympics. She played with the boys at first as there was no hockey for girls, and that was great. At that age, girls are bigger and she was aggressive! In high school she ended up taking on-line courses as the commuted to Denver to be on a team. Her college career was at Harvard and that was where the crisis occurred. She had to decide if she was really going to do what she had to do… and she did, making it on the Olympic team that went to Sochi and won a Silver Medal.  Today she does marathons and Ironman competitions. But to create something bigger than just herself, she aligned with Smile Train, and organization that raises funds to send dentists to third world countries to do dental work and perform operations like cleft palate - to bring back someone’s smile. If you would like to donate to Lyndsey's current Smile Train project, click here.
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