September 14, 2020 - Dr Raquel Salas gave us a brief overview of her career and then described the current educational environment.
 Her presentation is available HERE.  
Dr. Salas was educated in Mexico and came to Arizona 8 years ago. She works for the Tempe Union High School District. She teaches over 150 students and works as a sponsor for 3 clubs. She said that COVID made clear the disparities among students and families. Many low income families don't have access to the internet and there is a significant danger of kids getting lost. COVID separated people but politics polarized the climate. One of her frustrations is that people are attacking schools, teachers, and districts and don't seem willing to negotiate. She told us that one of her biggest challenges is how to give attention to the 30 special needs students that are in her classes. She said that she works in the empty classroom and thinks the challenges brought about by COVID have helped make her a better teacher.  Her presentation is available HERE.