May 4, 2020 - the club held another successful Zoom video conference today. We welcomed a potential new member
Rob Foster was filling in for Wally. First item on the agenda was the introduction of Stacy Milgram who is currently trying to decide if her work schedule will allow her to participate fully in our club. As usual, the Happy Bucks gave us lots of good events and stories.
Rob reviewed the positive experience many members had with Zelle to send money to the club. He encouraged everyone to try and use it.
Machel gave us an update on the Exchange Student situation.  It is very much up in the air at the moment because of the pandemic. She won't have details for at least another few weeks. Dave explained the District Grant and asked members to give him suggestions within the next two weeks. The total grant will be $3750 and must be used to support one organization. Rob reviewed the 20/21 budget proposal and is soliciting input from club members. Members should check the email that Rob sent out with details of the budget. All in all it was a good meeting with lots of participation. If you have the time and a burning interest in seeing the meeting CLICK HERE The videos all have the date embedded in their name - e.g. GMT20200504-Kyrene... is the video for the meeting on 5th of May this year (2020)