Oct 15, 2018 - Barb Blalock, our speaker, is the founder and leader of Treasures 4 Teachers.  In 2004, she observed as a 2nd grade student asked the teacher for a pencil.  The teacher exchanged the pencil for a shoe.  This way she was sure to have the pencil, a scarce resource in this school, returned before the end of the day.  T4T services 4,500 teachers around the valley.  It is head quartered in Tempe but recently was offered storage space at a westside school to encourage T4T to become more active in the west valley.  Although teachers are asked to pay $35/yr. to use T4T services, perhaps as many as half struggle with this payment in order to provide much needed supplies to their classrooms. 
The club was quite receptive to her well-presented talk and view T4T as a strong candidate for future projects and financial donation.
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