May 18, 2020 - Today we had a very informative presentation by the City of Tempe's first female assistant fire chief, Andrea Glass. Her presentation is available by clicking here  or by watching the video in "Read More" which will be available until the end of May.
Andrea is the Assistant Chief for Community Risk Reduction with the Tempe Fire-Medical-Rescue organization. She told us how her division has established an Emergency Operations Center that has been operating in a virtual mode for the last 56 days.This group has a daily operations update to identify the incident plan for each day. They also review a situation report for the previous day. Andrea is constantly in contact with various organizations within the city and county to make sure the city resources are well coordinated. She told us of the many challenges that her organization has faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, they are developing a Recovery Plan for the city which is designed to build resiliency for future disasters.  There was a lengthy question and answer period and club members praised Andrea for her work and her success in her role as Assistant Chief.  Many kudos to you Andrea.