June 1, 2020 - Today Anne Gill, President and CEO of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce gave us an update on what is happening in our business community. Her presentation can be accessed by clicking HERE at any time.  
Anne is very active in the Chamber Industry and has been instrumental is building partnerships with other Chambers in Arizona. The Chamber is a 501(c) 6 non-profit and is totally membership funded. There are currently about 650 members that represent over 70,000 employees. The Chamber is governed by a Board of Directors and has several councils who provide input. Anne has been working hard to help local small businesses connect to sources of funding: there is a desperate need for cash to stay afloat. To help them the Chamber is conducting webinars on how to apply for loans both from the Federal Government and the City of Tempe. The Chamber works closely with the city of Tempe to relax standards - such as signage - to assist small businesses. Members are encouraged to use their website to stay current on the Chamber's activities.