September 24, 2018 - Grant Colwell, a dual citizen, architect, and public speaker, regaled us with two stories from his repertoire of stories. He decided that rather than bore us with architecture issues, he would try to bring a smile to our faces via his stories - which he did.  His first story described his most embarrassing moment as a college junior when he ran headlong into a parking meter with devastating effects that cost him the opportunity to meet a beautiful girl driving a mint condition 68 Ford 150. His second story involved his favorite birthday party when he was 12. He and his friend irritated an entire restaurant - Barney Googles - in Calgary by setting up a juke box to play Ohio Express's Yummy Yummy Yummy multiple times. This write-up doesn't do him justice.  He was very animated and connected with the audience.  Lots of laughs.
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