September 30, 2019 - Kathleen Duncan told us about the non-profit she helped start – Steps of Love.
Steps-of-Love focuses on helping Mexican children in Rocky Point break a cycle of poverty through education. She and her family used to vacation in Rocky Point. When their business, Duncan Farms, took off; she looked around for a new challenge and settled on helping the kids where they vacationed. She took a locally driven approach and teamed up with residents to staff and grow the program to where they currently support almost 600 students. Schools in Mexico are ½ day so Steps of Love provides another ½ day of education to allow kids to catch up and then continue to learn at an accelerated pace. Her efforts to move from an outsider with limited Spanish skills to a trusted, Spanish-speaking,  community leader are quite a story. A side bar is that Duncan Farms is also a strong supporter of Feed Our Babies.