January 20, 2020 - Sheree Sheets, Ambassador for Shelterbox gave us an overview of their programs around the world.
Sheree told us that Shelterbox started about 20 years ago and they are now worldwide. Their mission is to deliver the essential aid people need to begin rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of a disaster. The aid they supply comes in the form of ShelterBoxes and ShelterKits. Their sturdy green ShelterBoxes contain family-sized tents specially designed to withstand the elements and provide people with temporary shelter until they are able to start the process of rebuilding a home. Their  ShelterKits contain all of the essential tools people need to start repairing and rebuilding homes straight away. They usually don't go into a country where the RedCross has a strong presence and they tend to work in rural areas rather than cities.  They have strong links with Rotary. 
The following comes from their website -
Rotarians and Rotary groups across the world support us in a variety of ways, from raising funds to providing support on the ground during our response to a disaster. This enables us to cross boundaries and cut through red tape to reach even the most remote communities.

This partnership has helped us to become who we are today. Our global network of ShelterBox affiliates, which provides all round assistance, evolved from Rotary relationships.