December 30, 2019 - David Ramirez from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport gave us an excellent overview of the history, current state, and plans for the airport. 
Phoenix Sky Harbor is one of the busiest airports in the U.S. Last year there were 45 million passengers using the facility and there are about 140,000 flights per day with 20 airlines. Besides the Sky Harbor facility, the Phoenix airport manages facilities at Good Year and Deer Valley. Those airports provide specialty services not found at Sky Harbor. Local economists estimate that the Phoenix Airports generate over $38 Billion in economic activity.
Terminal 2 will be closed soon but additional gates will be added to Terminal 3 and 4. Terminal 3 is currently undergoing a 3 phase improvement process which includes a north concourse with 10 gates. Terminal 4 will add an 8th concourse with 8 gates that will be dedicated to Southwest Airlines.  Terminal 4 handles about 85% of all passenger traffic.  The Skytrain will also be expanded to other parking areas and a new hotel that will be constructed at 24th and Buckeye.  Tours are given twice a month.  Customer Service is a high priority and volunteer "Navigators" are available everywhere to assist passengers. Also there are Motorist Assist stations in the parking lots to enable people to get help with flat tires, dead batteries, or keys locked in cars at no cost to the passenger.  The continual improvements and focus on passenger experiences is very impressive and helps Phoenix Sky Harbor be labeled the "friendliest airport in the world.  David Ramirez did a great job and there was much discussion.