June 22, 2020 - Dr Stephen Brezuchka, from the University of Washington Public Health organization, gave us a very informative talk that was designed to make us think about the status of our health in America. His talk is available by clicking HERE.  A live video of his presentation will be available until the first week of July. Go to "Read more" to see it.
Dr Brezuchka began by showing a graph of longevity in the world. Surprisingly, the U.S. is 35th and Japan is #1. We then went through some questions and answers as to why that is. There are several factors such as heart disease, obesity, and opioid use. His data showed that while we spend more money on medical treatments than any other country we don't spend enough on social problems. The gap between the rich and the poor correlates with longevity around the world.  He explained that data shows that longevity is also correlated with the health of a newborn for the first 1000 days since conception. His presentation was stimulating, though provoking and worth watching HERE. Dr Brezuchka invited club members send him an email if they have any further questions or comments. sabez@uw.edu.  
The following video of his presentation will be available until July 15.