June 3, 2019 - Rebecca Masterson, Vice President and Chief Counsel for Generation Justice, told us about the history and goals of this two year old non-profit organization.
They are changing the laws regarding the support for and rights of kids in the Foster Care system in Arizona. They recruit lawyers throughout the state to work pro bono as counsel for the kids in the system. Rebecca gave us some disturbing statistics: there are over 15,000 kids in the Foster Care system in Arizona; the average time in the system is 2 years; less than 50% graduate high school; 65% of children involved in child trafficking are kids in foster care; 80% of people in prison have been in foster care; the rate of PTSD is higher in foster care kids than in veterans.  Rebecca encouraged us to support the organization and help improve today's dysfunctional system. And happily, this organization qualifies for Arizona Tax Credit;
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