January 6, 2020 - Remy, our exchange student from France, told us about his home and country.
Remy told us he lives in a house that was built about 1830 with his parents and 2 younger brothers . His home town is Le Thor which is about 15 miles from Avignon. He said that he lived about 5 miles from his high school of 12,000 students. His school starts the day at 8 or 9 and ends at 4 or 5 with a two hour lunch. He showed us pictures of his village, nearby famous buildings, and the terrain. 
Remy wants to study political science with a goal of being a diplomat  in the future.  His presentation was well organized and his English skills are excellent. Club members enjoyed learning more about this impressive young man.
 In the first photo he is congratulated by President Wally. The next photo shows him  with his host mother who has a son, Tanner, who is currently an exchange student in Belgium. His host mother was also an exchange student several years ago.