September 21, 2020 - Gary Pollock, Senior Managing Director for First Republic Private Wealth Management, shared his perspectives on the economy and stock market. His presentation is available HERE.  A live video is also available in "Read More" and will be available until October 25.
Gary is a generous supporter of our Golf Tournament and is a Paul Harris Fellow. Gary's perspective on the market and economy is very positive in general. He discussed various sectors and gave good rationales for his opinions on which sectors will survive and grow and which will die a slow death. He doesn't believe the current political turmoil will have a long term effect on the market but cautions that the ride will be bumpy. He discouraged investors from trying to time the market and one of his adages was "there are 3 animals in the market - the bears will sometimes gain and the bulls will sometimes gain but the hogs will be slaughtered."
His presentation generated lots of comments and questions.  His presentation is available HERE.
The following video will be available until October 25