March 5, 2019 - Today was the last day of the 8 week AWIM (A World in Motion) project at Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School. Kyrene Club members and friends mentored 8 teams who competed for Car designs and performance, presentations, and overall team participation.
First Place - Gold Award went to the Pink Party team which was mentored by Skip Pollock
 Second Place - Silver Award went to the Speedy Sharks team which was mentored by Jim Durham
Third Place - Bronze Award went to the Speeding Cheetah Sloths team which was mentored by Doug Bock.  
The entire 8 week project was very successful - selecting winners was difficult.  The students and mentors learned a lot and had fun throughout the project. Science teacher, Brandon Gritz did a phenomenal job at organizing and directing the project.  Kudos to Brandon!  A slide show of activities is available at our Photo Gallery - click here
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