January 16, 2020 - The first session of the 8 week AWIM project began today. You can watch weekly activities HERE
There are 24 students in the class at Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School. The science teacher, Brandon Gritz is leading this project for the 6th time. The Kyrene Rotary Club has 9 volunteers that work with 8 teams of 3 over the entire project. Dave Kline, Doug Bock, Andy Wangstad, Bill Perkins and Ken Pollock are club members. Dave DePrator, Jim Durham, Lourdes Kline, and Skip Pollock are friends of Rotary who round out the volunteer group. We are looking forward to another fun-filled and rewarding project. (The volunteers usually have brunch together after the session) You can watch weekly activities HERE
Here are a couple of pictures of Andy and Doug with their teams.